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NutriMirror Food Journal

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NutriMirror® members use their personal home page to view a quick and easy to understand snapshot of how their diet and exercise choices stack up against recommended nutrition benchmarks. Every individual is unique, and NutriMirror takes into account your particular circumstances and goals to guide you toward the healthy choices you want to make.

If you want to lose weight, with NutriMirror you can see exactly how many calories you can eat to reach your goal. You tell NutriMirror what you've eaten and the exercsies you've performed, and NutriMirror calculates your calorie balance for you. It's easy and takes only minutes a day.

Membership is 100% free. It takes only a few minutes to set up your account. With this simple system you’ll be getting healthy and losing weight before you know it.

NutriMirror® is super easy to use. With our tools you can:

  • Log and track the foods you eat
  • Log and track the physical activity and exercises you perform
  • Lose weight and keep it off
  • Achieve and maintain nutritional balance
  • Get calorie recommendations based on your metabolism
  • Get detailed nutritional analysis of the foods you eat
  • Log and maintain a record of your health benchmarks
  • Learn the nutritional values of the menus and recipes you create for you and your family
  • Share your NutriMirror® logs with your health or fitness professional

    Member Testimonial

    I have consistently logged my food every day, save a vacation or two I took where it was not feasible. I have consistently worked towards green every day and have had a green homepage for almost a year now. And I have consistently exercised in some fashion nearly every day. The benefits I have reaped from doing the above:

    1. Lost 28 lbs with nary a plateau.
    2. Lost virtually all of my cravings for sugar-laden treats.
    3. Have no problem skipping the dessert/treat aisle at the store.
    4. ‘Forget’ to eat my 100 cal dark chocolate bar that I bring to the movies.
    5. Don’t even think about going out to dessert after a wonderful sushi meal.
    6. Enjoy the fact that I have lots and lots of fruits and veggies and healthy ‘green’ snacks in my house.
    7. Love my healthy snack choices like they are dessert!
    8. Enjoy meals out like I have never had a meal out before.
    9. I no longer feel guilt or shame when I go red and eat French-fries and a half a cheeseburger or any other ‘bad’ food I choose.

    Bottom line: I feel so good now I don’t ever want to go back and since I have NutriMirror I don’t ever have to. What I want you to hear is that if you use this tool consistently, work hard at tweaking your logs to get them green, and then just keep plodding away at it every day, you WILL get to where you want to go. You WILL get to your weight goal and you also WILL make permanent changes to your eating habits. You will have lasting success at being healthy and living a full and energetic life. I have no doubt about that because I am proof positive that NutriMirror works!

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