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Monica Pelle, RD: Is Water Impacting Your Mood?COUS COUS

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September 6, 2011, 7:32 am

Nutritious salad

Wanted to make my cous cous, chickpeas and lentils really stand out and pack a punch with flavour. Since they couldn't I made a staple salad dressing of mine, but omitted the sesame oil. Really quite tasty though.

Lime Juice (1/2 lime)
Peas, green, fresh (2 oz)
Pumpkin / Squash Seeds,roasted,unsalted(Commercially Prepared) (1/2 oz)
Sesame Seeds, Whole, Dried (1/2 oz)
Chickpeas -garbanzo beans (100g cooked)
Soy Sauce (2 teaspoons)
Whole Wheat Couscous (Shiloh Farms)(2oz dry)
Organic Green Lentils (Arrowhead Mills) (2oz dry)
Chinese 5 Spice Powder (1 teaspoon)

Soak the chickpeas overnight

Boil chickpeas in a pan of unsalted water for 25 mins
Add lentils for 15 mins
Add couscous for 5 mins

Pour ...

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January 1, 2010, 12:31 pm
updated Mar 11, 2010, 8:58 pm

Cous Cous & Wild Rice a la Country Tart

Cous Cous & Wild Rice a la Country TartHello all!

I am going upstairs (it is only 3:30 in the afternoon here in the East) to get dressed and do put away some laundry.

I just posted my New Year's tribute to NM and a yummy new recipe on the blog:

Posting in My Jammies from the Country Tart

Cheers to even MORE health and increased happiness in the year to come!


[if you just want the recipe, find it here: Cous Cous & Wild Rice Salad. Nutritional info included with recipe per each 1 cup serving.] ...

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