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Lifetime Weight Control and Nutritional Balance

28 Days to Better Health

Printable Food Log

The key to weight control is maintaining the balance between calories out and calories in. The NutriMirror® system is a perfect resource for finding this balance in your own diet. You simply record the foods you've eaten, and NutriMirror® does all the complicated calculations for you. However, since you won't always have your computer with you, we've created a few handy sheets that you can print out and use to record what (and how much) you've eaten. At the end of the day, simply transfer the information into NutriMirror® and receive instant feedback.

Right-click any link below to download the printable food log to your desktop. (You'll need Adobe Reader to view the file.)

Printable Food Log (one day per page)

Printable Food Log (three days per page)

Printable Food Log (seven days per page)

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NutriMirror® helps our members every day to reach and maintain their weight and fitness goals. Join today to let our system start tracking your daily calorie balances and monitoring your progress toward a healthier life.


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