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March 27, 2009, 1:36 pm

One Ton Woman

Did anyone see Oprah's show yesterday of the one ton woman? What about the 18 year old who weighed a ton. I thought that the program was very sad. I felt sorry for them and the condition that they were in. The woman ended up dying from being overweight. You can go to Oprah.com to read about the story.
With that being said, we should all stop complaining and stay focused on the job that we need to do to accomplish the goals ahead of us. Stop making excuses for not losing the weight. Be patient about losing the weight. NM is a weight loss tool for learning good eating behaviors and making the right choices.If you do that, you will loose the weight. If you want to loose weight fast, you are probably in the wrong place. When you cheat, you cheat no one but yourself. Everytime you make an excuse for not losing weight, that puts you one foot in the grave. I remember when I worked as an anesthesia tech, and the doctors would talk about how hard it was to intibate patients with fat necks.It's a risk having surgery and being obeses. Any kind of surgery is a risk, but being obese makes that risk higher.
I had a sister that was obese and diabetic. She made all the wrong choices, plus she smoked. She lost her battle like the lady on Oprah. My sister topped up to 300 lbs and she was shorter than me. I am 5'2. She was very heavy when we were kids. Thank god for the success that you have already made and try very hard to STAY FOCUSED!
I just wanted to share my thoughts on this with the members here.

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