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July 6, 2011, 2:34 pm

What's your favourite Greek Salad additions?

I use to joke about my "bastardized Greek salad", but then a Greek friend told me that the usual suspects are not hard and fast rules, but that any vegetable you have in your fridge can go into a Greek Salad. Well, I took this as a license to experiment!

My last Greek Salad had yellow and red peppers, cucumber, tomato, black olive (hubby won't eat Kalmata), purple onion, zucchini and broccoli. For the sauce I do olive oil, feta cheese, oregano, dill, mint, and seasoning salt (depending on what's in my cupboard).

The zucchini didn't go overt so well with the kids, but the broccoli was a smashing success!! The little bite size pieces soaked up the olive oily goodness, and were the most delightful bits in the salad!

So inspire me further... what will YOU add to your next Greek Salad?

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