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February 18, 2012, 7:08 am

In tune with your emotions and preventing emotional eating

Last night, Friday night, I was exhausted from a busy week at work and yesterday was "sleepy" all day at the office. (I find the more sleep I get the more tired I am!). Last night, I could hear deep inside Jim's "demon" trying to veer me to go and get some "sugary junk' to fix the tiredness. I have to admit I was restless/sleepy but not able to sleep and hungry somewhat. I fought very hard to eat something "nutritional" so I munched on baby mandarin oranges. Then a friend called me to accompany her to a yoga/dance. It was my very first time going to yoga of any sort and it was out of my comfort zone. An hour and a half later after a very thorough workout (yes, I was sweating), my close call to binge had vanished. But, when I returned home, my stomach was telling me to eat as I was HUNGRY....so I'm proud to say I had a small bowl of low fat yogurt and a cup of strawberries and THAT did it for me...it was off to bed to find this morning...I was down 1/2 a pound. For those who don't know my history...this is the time I would have normally binged on sweets mainly because of "emotional eating" but last night...I didn't. Today...another day...but will fight it again. Have a wonderful day all you NM members. Cheers, Maureen

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