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October 25, 2010, 3:53 pm

One Week !!!! Yea!!

Hi Everyone, First of all thank everyone for the help and support on my starting..its very hard to beleive one week! I Feel good, and excited to start week two! I have to say i do like the way NM functions its made me open my eys, take notice to things i've never thoguht of before, and even though i've had some bumps in the first week, i am STRONG to go forward with week two, so for me thats a plus. I know my old habits are there and need to be broke and it is showing me more andf more some i never even knew i had, as well as how important it is to see what you put in your body, and as well as how it interacts with your weight and health!

I owe alot of gratitude to you all who commented and kept me going. I knwo myself otherwise this would have been choked up to another failed try! I am hoeping as time goes on that i will be adventurous in a way to try some differnet things to eat...I catch myself eating the same each day for knowing how it will interact with the NM food log. I am slowly incorperating things and catch myself when grocery shopping looking at labels, and thats funny cause before this i could of cared less, just grab and throw in the cart! HAHA.

Update on my sisters and family..My youngest who is the one who fell and broke her ankle let me show her the site and i showed her my profile and food log and explained what i've know of it and how it has been helping me i even told her the great advie you all share and how supportive people have been! I'm saddened to say she looked and said she'd check it out more..BUT me and my oldest sister took her grocery shopping and well..LOL everything you should not put in that cart was in there from chips to cakes to pizza you name it.. I know maybe now is not the time but i was saddened..i kept thinking if only i could my desires inside her and have her want to become better healthy for herself and her children..we got home the kids scuried around to see what all mom got..grabbing junk food..she yell tell them not to eat alot cause she would cook a pizza or two or three!...i see my lil nephew who is 9 ..obesely overweight breathing hard as he shoves a sweet boxed treat in his mouth...and reaching for the chips. See in Him i see me at that age..let life revolve and i'll be happy with food.. food was my drug it caled me made me happy in my lonely life! he is like his uncle..and i look at how things will be as he gets older how the kids will pic call names, how he'sll feel in gym clas to not be like the other kids and so on...sorry not trying to make this a after school special.but i so know someday he will hopefuly be me now, wanting it all to change and maybe luckily it will be before he is 45!

Okay enough depressing thoughts..sorry i want to keep this uplifting...I am proud of me and knwo its a LONG road ahead but i can and will do this and beat this..I will be healthy and feel good. I will fit a pair of pants that will no longer be described at big mens clothes! i wanna shop normal. I wanna feel normal..cause i am normal..just have a affliction for inproperfood control! so with that being said please always feel free to continue supporting me and showing me better ways and any and all tips are most greatly appreciated! Cheer's here is to One week in and moving forward! Hugz Herbie

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