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February 19, 2012, 12:56 pm


Today I finally ordered a rice cooker. I love brown rice and I have a bunch, but now I will have a cooker to cook it in :) I also ordered a workout dvd set. I enjoy doing my Wii workout's and found I like doing workouts in my own home. I don't have to drive to the gym, and waste time & gas. I will pick up some weights when I have the extra money later on.

I also made a list for grocery shopping. I never know what to buy, and I never know what to make to eat that is green. I forgot how much I enjoy tilapia and other fish, so that is on the list, as well as other food I enjoy. I think I may actually be able to make delicious healthy meals now. I haven't had much in my home because I don't like to grocery shop, so I have been eating a LOT of cereal. Just thinking of making grilled asparagus, brown rice and tilapia for a dinner tonight makes me excited! I know I really need to eat more protein because I am hungry often because I eat a lot of carbs (ex: cereal!) I will focus on getting more protein from fish, legumes, and sometimes meat.

I've also started to study for the CPA exam, and it is so not fun! I have to watch videos, take notes, and work hundreds upon hundreds of multiple choice questions for each exam; basically I'll need to spend 300-400 hours studying for the whole thing. There are four. I am trying to take one each in April, May, July, and August. I may wait and do the last two in October and November if I really want to enjoy my summer. We'll see if I don't mind waiting, or if I just want to get it done ASAP. Still no job, but a few interviews. One of the interviewers really liked me (did not offer the job), but she recommended me to the manager in the office 3 miles from my home to do an internship. The day after I talked to him, he got permission to get an intern (they really want one) and posted the job online. This is for a state agency. I applied and hopefully I can at least get this internship! The original manager told me 50% of her employees started as interns, and that I need more experience.

I need to work on:
* Exercising more
* Eating healthier
* Spending all my free time studying :-/

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