Start Living Joyfully in Healthy Balance Today!

Balanced Days, Balanced Lives is your New Way Forward to better health through lifelong balance:

  • Inspirational histories written by real people about their personal struggles and how they came to achieve better health and manage their weight
  • The Eight Guiding Truths—the antidote to decades of confusion and nonsense about weight loss
  • 42 nutritionally balanced days
  • Simple, healthy, delicious recipes
  • Tips for managing healthy eating with hectic schedules and limited budgets
  • Examples of physical activity routines
  • 402 color photographs
  • 7" x 9" soft cover
  • 306 pages

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Balanced Days, Balanced Lives is the new book from NutriMirror, a food journal for weight control through balanced nutrition.

Start Living in Balance Today

To achieve the better health and weight we desire, we must successfully manage calorie balance and nutritional balance.

Within the pages of Balanced Days, Balanced Lives, 42 real people share what healthy, balanced days look like and the methods they use to achieve them. You will learn how to meet your weight goals and improve your health by choosing real foods readily available at any grocer—foods that will provide both great bounty and pleasure and bring you into healthy balance.

Real People, Real Success

No celebrity spokespeople. Just real people like you who’ve battled weight issues and achieved real successes. Find yourself in their inspiring stories. See the foods they eat, the physical activities they enjoy, and their amazing “then” to “now” transformations. With Balanced Days, Balanced Lives you have what you need to learn about the mindsets, strategies, and habits that can help you experience the same powerful results.

Dena lost 49 pounds. “Living healthy is now a lifestyle that brings us great joy each day.” Page 276.

Tony lost 43 pounds. “I’m in total amazement at how much my food choices have changed.” Page 264.

Ola lost 104 pounds. “I am now living my life like it is golden, a treasure to be protected.” Page 192.

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Learn from 42 Real People Who Share Their Proven Methods for Success:

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