Balanced Days, Balanced Lives is your New Way Forward to weight loss and better health through lifelong balance:

  • 7 x 9 soft cover
  • 306 pages
  • 402 color photographs
  • 42 nutritionally balanced days
  • Simple, healthy, delicious recipes
  • Inspirational stories
  • Free lifetime membership in, the easy to use site that helps you reach your goals and costs you nothing

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Balanced Days, Balanced Lives is the new book from NutriMirror, a food journal for weight control through balanced nutrition.

Start Living in Balance Today

The closer we move towards calorie and nutritional balance, the healthier we become.

In the pages of Balanced Days, Balanced Lives you will learn from 42 real people how you, too, can achieve and maintain better health and the weight you desire simply by controlling your calorie and nutritional balance.

  • Meet 42 pioneers of a new way forward to balance and better health.
  • Learn their methods for success and how you too can achieve lifelong balance.

Real People, Real Success

No celebrity spokespeople. Just real people like you who’ve battled weight issues and achieved real successes. Find yourself in their inspiring stories. See the foods they eat, the physical activities they enjoy, and their amazing “then” to “now” transformations. With Balanced Days, Balanced Lives you will learn the mindsets, strategies, and habits that can take you to the same powerful results.

Dena lost 49 pounds. “Living healthy is now a lifestyle that brings us great joy each day.” Page 276.

Tony lost 43 pounds. “I’m in total amazement at how much my food choices have changed.” Page 264.

Ola lost 104 pounds. “I am now living my life like it is golden, a treasure to be protected.” Page 192.

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Within the pages of Balanced Days, Balanced Lives, 42 real people share what healthy, balanced days look like and the methods they use to achieve them. You will learn how to meet your weight goals and improve your health by choosing real foods readily available at any grocer—foods that will provide both great bounty and pleasure and bring you into healthy balance.

Learn the Eight Guiding Truths for Lifelong Weight Control and Nutritional Balance

These simple, universal principles explained in Balanced Days, Balanced Lives are the antidote to decades of confusion and nonsense about weight loss and health. Learn in Balanced Days, Balanced Lives how these fundamental truths put to rest the counter-productive mindsets advanced by a diet industry that does not have our best interests in mind. With knowledge of the Eight Guiding Truths, you'll have the power to take control for yourself, without relying on expensive pills or foods or diet plans that hook you into lifelong cycles of weight loss followed by weight gain followed by subscriptions for more "magic cures."

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Andy lost 49 pounds and reduced his cholesterol and blood pressure to normal ranges without medication. Page 99.

Joey lost 66 pounds and began training for her first half-marathon. Page 122.

The website is a 100% free system that can help you control your weight through balanced nutrition and healthy living.

Free Tool for Managing Balance

Readers of Balanced Days, Balanced Lives can achieve healthier lives simply by following the examples of the book’s contributors. The food and exercise routines shared in the book give you a roadmap to success. In addition, you are welcome to join us at the free website, which helps us easily manage the choices that lead to balance.

  • Complete access to all features and tools of are always free—unconditionally.
  • Practical for daily and lifetime use. Experienced users log, assess, and make choices to manage balance in less than seven minutes a day.
  • Free, safe, fun and caring Community Journal Room where members meet to share information and support. Open 24/7—someone is always there to lend support.
  • is supported exclusively through the sale of Balanced Days, Balanced Lives and other books and products that specifically advance the principles of the Eight Guiding Truths and pursuit of balance—no in-your-face commercial distractions to interfere with your pursuit of balance.

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What they’re saying about Balanced Days, Balanced Lives and

Reviews of Balanced Days, Balanced Lives

Monica Callan, RD: “The stories speak to experiences that I’ve seen throughout years of my practice. The Eight Guiding Truths are the behavioral essence of what I as a health professional want people to understand.” ... Read more.

Kirkus Discoveries: “This refreshing book ... is a useful tool in promoting a healthy lifestyle and gradual weight loss.” ... Read more.

David’s Moroccan lamb (page 112).

Pamela’s spinach and “power foods” salad (page 214).

Kel’s grilled halibut with mango salsa and grilled romaine (page 170).

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Affirmations from NutriMirror members

“I just picked up my copy of the NutriMirror book! It is amazing! The photos are beautiful and the stories are inspiring! And the book has such a wonderful feel to it. Congratulations! This project is sure to be a huge success.”


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“This is not a diet. Diets suck. They make you fat. This ingenious absolutely free site is a tool that helps you learn what you need to know about food and about yourself so that you can make the important decisions that will save your life. I found this site in August of 2008 and have lost 105 pounds ... slow and smart. I have no reason to think those pounds will be back, since I didn’t lose them using a gimmick or depriving myself. Sure, I feel wonderful now that I’m lighter, but I felt great immediately upon taking control of my eating. My life had changed by week two. The changes were taking place in my understanding of nutrition and therefore I was able to renovate my relationship with food. If you’re tired of the diet industry making money off your poor health and then making it even worse, check out NutriMirror. It’s the real deal.”


“I’m not interested in someone else’s diet plan that restricts me in any way—what I want is the knowledge of how to fix the foods I already love in ways that balance my nutrition and health. This is what NutriMirror does for me. Too many people are looking for an easy fix to weight loss and health issues via a pill or a special menu that will do this or that ... but that just keeps you dependent on external factors and sets you up for failure. NutriMirror is amazing and I plan to always be a part of it.”


“This is truly the one place I recommend for those who are seriously wanting to change their lifestyle ... When you embark on this journey of proper nutrition, the extra pounds go away ... I’ve lost thirty-one pounds so far just by understanding the right way to eat ... Thanks to NutriMirror, I now believe that a slow approach to weight loss is so much better than an instantly gratifying extreme calorie deprival program that is short on loss and short on return ... Nutrimirror is for the those who want the lifelong process.”


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“As a NutriMirror user and healthy adult who has finally conquered the obesity struggle, I believe it would be hard to find any community anywhere that shows the success rates that NutriMirror does among regular users. Instead of stressing eating less and losing weight, the tool encourages balanced eating and improved health. The community support is second-to-none. The results of this winning combination are a whole bunch of happy, healthy, steadily shrinking (in a good way) people. I am down ninety pounds and while the momentum was all mine, the use of the tool is what made it all possible.”


“I’ve been using NutriMirror for just over a year now. I lost twenty-plus pounds, but more importantly, I’ve maintained that loss now for over six months. And the best part is that NutriMirror has given me the tools and knowledge to maintain this for the rest of my life. It’s easy to use, it’s free, and it’s changed my life. It’s given me such control over what I eat, and since my food intake is so much healthier now, it’s lead me to a very good sense of well-being. I’ve never been happier.”


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Valerie on the stationary bike. 26 pounds lost.
Page 270.

Kelly outdoors on the water. 33 pounds lost.
Page 146.

Brent hiking. 42 pounds lost
Page 170.