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NutriMirror® is super easy to use. With our tools you can:

  • Log and track the foods you eat
  • Log and track the physical activity and exercises you perform
  • Lose weight and keep it off
  • Achieve and maintain nutritional balance
  • Get calorie recommendations based on your metabolism
  • Get detailed nutritional analysis of the foods you eat
  • Log and maintain a record of your health benchmarks
  • Learn the nutritional values of the menus and recipes you create for you and your family
  • Share your NutriMirror® logs with your health or fitness professional

    Member Testimonial

    This is not a diet. Diets suck. They make you fat. This ingenious absolutely free site is a tool that helps you learn what you need to know about food and about yourself so that you can make the important decisions that will save your life. I found this site in August of 2008 and have lost 105 pounds … slow and smart. I have no reason to think those pounds will be back, since I didn't lose them using a gimmick or depriving myself. Sure, I feel wonderful now that I'm lighter, but I felt great immediately upon taking control of my eating. My life had changed by week two. The changes were taking place in my understanding of nutrition and therefore I was able to renovate my relationship with food. If you're tired of the diet industry making money off your poor health and then making it even worse, check out NutriMirror. It's the real deal.

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