Mindsets for Success

We sent out our latest newsletter yesterday, so you should be receiving it soon if you haven’t already. Our lead story this week is Monica’s explanation of mindsets for success. You can see it now here.

Mindsets for Success

mindsets for success

Mindsets for success.

Why do some people struggle while others are successful? Achieving health and fitness is anything but easy, but one of the best things you can do is develop the proper mindsets for success. In her column this week, Monica Callan tells you how.

Get Up and Move!

NutriMirror member rebrowndc813 and his wife have both been successfully losing weight with NutriMirror. As a doctor he knows what needs to be done to stay healthy, but he understands how often life can get in the way. The best advice he can give? Get up and move! He’s not talking about strenuous exercise, though — just movement. Read more here.

SylviaAnn’s Logs are Green Again

And she has the screenshot to prove it! Woohoo SylviaAnn!

The Obstacle Course

This week on TGIFwithKel, Kel reminisces about a childhood favorite Battle of the Superstars obstacle course. Walls are tough to get over, and the mental walls we put in our own paths can be the toughest of all. This one is a perfect bookend to Monica’s mindsets for success article.

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