Healthy birthday; why we do it; miracles

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Healthy birthday to you

healthy birthday cake

Lynn’s Italian cherry farmhouse cake. Perfect for a healthy birthday celebration!

Lynn shares her recipe for the Italian cherry farmhouse cake she made for Joe’s healthy birthday celebration. She reminds us that every day is special, not just the special days, and that finding the joy in every moment is the key to lifelong health and happiness.

Why do we do it?

Schilse muses on the difficulties we all face when trying to lead a healthy lifestyle. When shortcuts as a “reward” for success lead to extended indulgence and resumption of bad habits, she finds comfort in returning to the structure of NutriMirror and supportive, healthy people.

It’s a miracle!

And be sure to check out Dgouldthorp’s very funny story of the Thai massage that his wife treated him to — including all the pain that went with it and the surprise “fix” at the end.

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