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Living in Balance with Monica Callan, RD: Our Adventure Begins

healthy living

Columnist Monica Callan, RD, leading fitness exercises in the park.

Our newest columnist, registered dietitian Monica Callan, introduces herself and previews the healthy living topics she’ll be talking about in the coming weeks. This week she discusses a recent LA Times article about how lack of exercise is as deadly as smoking. Stop by and say hello in the comments, and answer her question: How do you prioritize exercise in your own life?

Managing Metabolic Disorders and Weight Issues

New member meganelisabeth shares her struggles with weight control brought on by hperinsulinemia/insulin resistance. She is thankful to have found a physician who truly understands her condition, and encourages us all get the support of doctors we trust to help guide our own healthy living choices.

2012 NutriMirror Walk/Talk

Last weekend was our latest NutriMirror Walk/Talk event in Southern California. PamelaAnn has the highlights, including photos of the attendees (even Granny, who traveled all the way from Oklahoma!).

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