Health and fitness promoted by our newest guest columnist

NutriMirror is pleased to announce the addition of Monica Callan, RD, CPT to our roster of health and fitness writers. Monica is a registered dietitian and a long-time consultant for NutriMirror. She will share her expertise on a bi-weekly basis with members of the NutriMirror community.

Monica has been active behind the scenes at NutriMirror since the early days when we were first developing our food journal with an emphasis on more than just weight loss. Our goal was to create a system that emphasized nutrition and balanced living. We wanted to help our members not only lose weight but maintain that weight loss indefinitely in a healthy manner. We would like to thank Monica for helping us to reach and even exceed that goal.

Health and fitness columnist Monica Callan

Health and fitness columnist Monica Callan

Now Monica is stepping forward to directly share her insights on health and fitness with the many members of our community. Her articles will appear every other Sunday, and will focus on mindsets for success; organizing yourself and your environment; food; fitness; and family wellness.

To learn more about Monica, you can visit her LinkedIn profile for her resume and accomplishments.

Additional health and fitness columnists at NutriMirror

Monica joins our existing line-up of health and fitness columnists, each with their own areas of expertise:

David Gouldthorp’s column alternates every other Sunday with Monica’s. David brings a unique perspective and engaging stories arising from many years of travel and work, along with a later-in-life return to good health after a long period of neglect.

Kel Beaudoin is a long-term NutriMirror user who shares her insights on maintaining a 100+ pound weight loss for many years. Also, she is obsessed with footwear.

Lynn Matava is another NutriMirror success story who hopes to pass along her love of loving the foods that love you back. Seriously, Lynn loves to eat and cook and enjoy every bite, and she shows us each week how that love can translate into losing weight the healthy way.

The mother and daughter team of Bethany and Tere Jensen write their “In the Kitchen” column each Thursday. They share cooking techniques, recipes, and thoughts on eating locally and seasonally. They are big proponents of cooking at home, which really is a must if you want to take control of your health and fitness.

Again, we would like to thank each of our columnists for the excellent work they do for us and for our members. And we would like to welcome Monica, who we know you will enjoy as much as we do.

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