Add NutriMirror to your iPhone home screen

People often ask if NutriMirror has an app that can be used on mobile devices. While we have not yet built a dedicated app, the recent redesign of our food journal makes the entire site simple and easy to use in the web browser of your smart phone—even with the small screen—as long as you have an active Internet connection.

Here’s a simple way to add a NutriMirror button to your iPhone’s home screen to make the site even more app-like.

First, open the Safari browser on your iPhone:

Click the Safari icon to open the browser.

When Safari is open, log in to NutriMirror and select the page you would like to start with whenever you return to the site:

Your food journal page is probably the best choice.

Once you’ve selected the page you want to bookmark, click the icon at the bottom center of the screen that looks like an arrow coming out of a box:

Click here.

From the options that appear, select “Add to Home Screen.”

Add to home screen.

On the next screen, you’ll see what your new button will look like and you’ll have the option of editing its title:

Give your new button a name and click the Add button (upper right).

And bingo. You now have a fancy new button on your iPhone. Click it any time you want to return to NutriMirror to start logging your foods on the go.

Oooh, shiny.



  1. almk42 says

    I have Nutrimirror on the home page of my Android phone, too. The process is very similar. Just bookmark Nutrimirror within the browser, then go back to your home page. Press a blank space until a menu pops up, and choose to add a shortcut. Then, select bookmarks and select the Nutrimirror page you just bookmarked.

  2. Marilyn Moss says

    I use Chrome and already followed almk42’s advice on my tablet and it works,,,, I also discovered a setting in chrome on the tablet that will allow a users ability to override the inability to zoom/reduce the size of text on the page as follows: in Chrome access settings-> Advanced Accessibility ->Force enable zoom can be checkmarked. FYI I have kitkat installed on my tablet.

  3. dolores says

    Sorry to sound so ignorant but I haven ever bookmarked on my phone and don’t know where it is. Can you tell me how I love my phone but am a little tech non savvy

    • says

      Hi Dolores. Are you using an iPhone? The article above basically shows you how to bookmark. The latest version of the iPhone software looks a little different than the pictures above, but the process is pretty much the same.

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