Fixing buggy menus

Since NutriMirror’s redesign, a number of you have had trouble using the new version of the site because the drop-down menus aren’t working as they should. Menus have been appearing out of place and for some of you they disappear when you try to click them.

Here’s what a menu is supposed to look like when you hover over it:


And here’s what many of you are seeing instead:


That’s not good. And it’s even worse for the big Community menu:


What’s it doing way over there? We can barely see it, let alone click it.

As usual, the problem is only happening for those using Internet Explorer. It looks like the trouble is related to an IE feature called Compatibility View, which is supposed to make web sites appear properly in various versions of IE, but which mostly just seems to be breaking things. I’ve been trying for the last couple days to get this “feature” to turn itself off, but none of the suggested methods are working. Until I can make some updates to get around the issue, there are some things you can try if you’re having this problem.

First, look for a broken page icon near the address bar of your browser:

Click this icon to turn off Compatibility View.

Alternatively, look in your Tools menu:


Select Compatibility View from the menu to remove the checkmark and turn it off. Or select the Compatibility View Settings option to open the settings window:

There you can select and remove the site from Compatibility View.

After following any of these options, with any luck the menus in the new NutriMirror will work properly for you. If none of that works, my favorite suggestion of all would be to download Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or most any browser other than Internet Explorer, and use that instead.

I’ll update the site (hopefully soon) to eliminate this issue, but for now I’m hoping that the suggestions above can get many of you back to using NutriMirror to do what it does best.

Thanks for you patience!

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